11 Mar

Questions about Pets and People Screenings


At a Screening for Pets and People

Screening introduction

What do I need to do to be able to attend a Pets and People Screening?

You will need to send the following forms into Pets and People to be considered for a screening

1.Completed Registration form – one to be filled out by each person who will be visiting.

2.Completed Veterinary Inspection and Medical Record – this must be filled out by your veterinarian. A fecal sample must be done for this first Veterinary Inspection Form. Each year there after, please check with your own veterinarian to see if your vet thinks this is necessary.

When is the Next Screening?

You will be contacted for a screening date as soon as we have received the necessary amount of applicants to hold a screening  in West Kelowna or Kelowna depending on which Vet has volunteered their services and location.

Once you have an invitation to attend a screening:

Please bring two photos with you- One of you and one of your pet, the photos can be together. These photos will be used to make your I.D. badge, which is required when visiting facilities.

Please be on time for your scheduled slot.

How much does it cost?

The annual membership fee is $10.00 payable after completion of the screening. This helps with our Pets and People Visiting Society insurance coverage, so that when you are in any facilities, on the facility grounds, and at any sanctioned Pets and People events, it covers both you and your dog should anything happen.

What happens after I pass the screening?

You will be required to attend a training workshop that will take a couple of hours. After you have completed the  workshop you will be able to visit at a facility of your choice. The first visit time you visit, you will be accompanied by a senior P&P volunteer that is familiar with the facility to assist with orientation and any questions you may have.